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Areas of Research & Development

Gas & Oil Additives

Heavy & Extra Heavy Crude Oil Upgrade

Refinery Additives

Fuel Oil Additives

Heavy Crude Oil (Bunker C) Upgrade

Fuel Additives

Fuel Components

Synergistic Antiknock Components (Octane Boosters)

In collaboration with Research Institutes and Universities, our company continues to develop new products while improving the new generation of high tech fuel additives and components.

These products are designed to improve crude oil production, the quality of fuels by meeting more stringent fuel specifications, replace TEL, MTBE, and other chemicals, meet environmental challenges, and offer viable alternatives to the Oil & Gas industry; petroleum products refiners, fuel marketers / wholesalers and traders.

PROTEC’S FUEL COMBUSTION MODIFIER (FCM) AND ADDITIVES have remarkable properties that considerably improve the performance of even fuels of mediocre quality.

ProTec International has developed a Fuel Combustion Modifier (FCM) that when combined with its efficient fuel additives and antiknock components (octane boosters) and added to gasoline promotes complete combustion of the fuel to a point where no unburned residue remains in the combustion chamber.