Gas & Oil Additives
ProTec's products have remarkable properties that substantially improve crude oil of lower quality. They are very effective and economical work-over fluids designed to stimulate wells and improve production of crude oil, reduce oil viscosity or remove asphaltenes and paraffin deposits. Also very efficient are the chemicals to treat slope oil, control degradation of crude oil, solve crude oil transportation, storage and pipeline corrosion problems.
Refinery Additives
ProTec 's non-metallic combustion modifiers catalysts, antioxidants, metal deactivator, detergents and other chemicals are used to improve the quality of all fuels, control degradation of refined oils during transportation and storage, and help meet the challenges of new environmental regulations.
Octane Boosters
ProTec's octane boosters and anti-knock additives have an exceptional octane sensitivity / response from most gasoline compositions. They are designed to replace TEL, MTBE, and other controversial chemicals as well as high octane gasoline imports that are usually blended to low octane naphtha. Because the dosage is much lower than MTBE, and due to reduced transportation costs, it becomes more economical to substitute this chemical that is increasingly being banned in many parts of the world. Most of our octane boosters feature our unique non-metallic combustion modifiers formula.
Fuel Additives
ProTec's fuel additives containing non-metallic combustion modifiers have remarkable properties that substantially improve the performance of even fuels of mediocre quality. Adding our additives to all types of fuels improve combustion so that toxic emissions released into the air are greatly reduced with major savings in fuel consumption and equipment maintenance costs.
Fuel Oil Additives
ProTec's multi-functional fuel oil contain non-metallic combustion modifiers catalysts and other active ingredients to provide fuel oil stability, sludge and deposit control, fuel oil viscosity control, corrosion control, fireside deposits control and full combustion.
Holding Tank Cleaner
ProTec's sludge remover and tank cleaner fluidizes sludge without the need of heating the tank. This also allows to turn part of the sludge into a burnable fuel.
    ProTec Products Applications
ProTec products have applications for farm tractors and equipment, fishing and recreational boats, ocean-going vessels, locomotives, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles, automobiles and racing cars.

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